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We started Connective Payments in 2014 because of our joint passion for payments and helping companies in the payments value chain create value for their business. We are “Connective” because we bring together the right expertise to help our customers grow and we leverage our network to help shape alliances and create fruitful customer and vendor relationships.

We are pleased to see that our approach of co-creation is working well to bring success to the organizations we serve. We act as team players and we leverage our industry knowledge within our customer’s team.

The story of Connective Payments is still evolving rapidly as we venture deeper into the payments value chain and use our expertise to help scale-ups grow and steer them in the right direction, as well as allowing established names to excel at operations and improve profitability and customer satisfaction.


We are Connective Payments, Value Creators in Payments.

As consultant in the payments value chain, clients rely on me to identify,  create and implement solutions that create value for their company. I guide with new propositions and product development leading to business growth; I reduce complexity from idea generation to product delivery or  vendor selection; I select the best business case and road ahead. As a co-creator, I enjoy working with your team, focused on actionable scenarios. Typical roles are; business or strategy consultant, product owner, interim product manager.

With a strong background and network in the international payments industry, I have performed assignments throughout the value chain. Specific areas of expertise include issuing and acquiring, PSP services, POS payments (EMV, NFC, QR) mobile payments, open invoice solutions, APM’s.

When not working for Connective Payments, I focus on my family and friends and actively grow my classic Citroen cars from 1960-1985 collection! Upgrading them, searching for parts and investigating their history is my main hobby. Sooner or later, I may write a book about Citroen in its golden age, the 60’s.

Value Creator 
Strategy & Business Consultant

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My customers note that the broad experience I gained over the years makes a real difference for their companies:

CEO (2017-2019): “Thanks for your great contribution to making next gen PayTech happen within our company!”

COO (2017-2019): “I have been impressed by the flair, energy and results Jeroen brought. I would highly recommend Jeroen to any organisation looking for successful change management and true value add.”

COO (2016-2017): “An excellent job restructuring the team, embedding the vision and strategy in the day-to-day operations and re-building the relationships with the global teams.”

Deputy Global CIO (2014-2015): “A strong commitment to success and sustainable results, driven by innovation and creativity.” 

Having literally seen every corner of many companies in senior roles I have experienced what leadership, vision and focus bring: they pave the way for value creation. Having internalized a mindset of ‘distant involvement’ my management style is characterized by leadership, open mindedness and curiosity as a facilitator of organizational and personal growth. I help my customers achieve tangible and lasting results suited to their specific context.

I am gratefully embracing the gift of life in every situation. I feel challenged to create value in the lives of others. Hence my professional motto: “how rewarding it is to create value together!”.

Transition Manager
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I like to co-create and implement. Having worked for 30+ years in the payments industry, I have gained a deep expertise and an intensive international network. I worked in several roles at multiple companies of various sizes, as an individual as well as a team leader, both as employee and contractor, on the business as well as IT side, or in between.

I am result driven, perseverant, pragmatic, with a good sense of humour, strong communication skills, a sense of political environments, and always eager to learn. I am therefore able to create / co-create value and to implement new functionalities / product propositions. Working for Connective Payments with business partners who share the same values but different expertise, is absolutely great.

In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music (visit!), watching soccer, traveling, dining in a good restaurant, and spending time with my family.

Co-Creator & Implementer
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As a strategy advisor, my goal is to make your business more successful. With an academic background in business management of IT and payments related organizations, I enable growth by leveraging my payments expertise and professional network. I have succesfully achieved growth and held executive board positions at various payments companies such as Equens, Docdata Payments, European Merchant Services and served as a strategy consultant at Arvato, PostNL, Eurogiro and PaySquare. I am specialized in strategic partnerships, growth strategy and business

Growth Enabler
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As a Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant in the payments industry, I help organizations on change management and sourcing projects. For the past 14 years, my focus and passion has been the management of payments projects, ranging from complex payment hub implementations to business-critical system upgrades, vendor selection of a payment switch and outsourcing to partners.

I am known as a trustworthy professional and an impactful communicator, always aiming for collaboration and motivation towards a common goal. I feel at home in dynamic and culturally diverse environments. I have a passion for traveling the world and I always try to get some good shots with my camera while on the road. I like exploring new places, learning about cultures and admiring beautiful landscapes, particularly with my family.

Program & Change Manager
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In her 14 years of experience in the e-commerce and payments industry, Chantal gained a true passion and expertise of the technical and commercial requirements of the payments process for both Merchants and Payments Service Providers.

She provides a holistic approach in her analysis and advice to optimise and automate payment infrastructures, increase conversion and reduce costs.

Chantal manages digital transformations of Online, Subscription and Omni-Channel businesses to implement changes in their payment environment including analysis, requirements definition, architectural design, vendor selections and implementation.

Using her knowledge of Online, Subscription and Omni-Channel businesses, she provides services to PSP’s and banks to optimise and innovate their products and service offerings towards their specific merchant target groups.

Business Consultant
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I experienced the true Connective Payments value of knowledge, expertise and network to make a business more successful, from a client perspective. My working relation with them was so professional and fruitful, that I decided to join this group of talented experts. I brought with me the strength to connect people from various backgrounds and disciplines in the field of Sales, IT and Operations. My experience lies in strategic analysis, planning & design of projects, leading to execution.

Throughout my career, I have managed small professional teams as well as large international multicultural teams. My view is innovative and non-conformist, enlightened by an international track record in a broad spectrum of operational, financial and project activities. My work always results in practical solutions with client’s needs as top priority.

Vision, Management & Implementation
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Trained as a Risk & Compliance professional, I developed a special interest in the fields of FinTech and RegTech. Having worked for multiple Payment Service Providers, I specialise in optimising and automating real-time onboarding and transaction monitoring processes. I form the link between the IT department and the Risk & Compliance department to ensure a seamless yet compliant KYC process, and focuses on matching AML legislation and guidelines with the fast innovation that characterises the FinTech industry.

I am known for my drive to push innovation, positive energy and risk awareness. In my spare time, I enjoy going out into nature, reading about history and economics, and further enhancing my skills as a software developer.

Compliance, Risk & RegTech
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My work is positioned on the intersection between ICT-law and financial legislation. I deal with the legal aspects of technology and the financial supervision requirements, including e-commerce, consumer protection and privacy.
After a nearly 10 year employment by a PSP, since 2011, I have provided legal services to many parties in the payments value chain: exempt and licensed payment institutions, electronic money institutions, gift card issuers, terminal suppliers, technical payment service providers and merchants.
In nearly every project, paperwork needs to be taken care of. Legal paperwork. Let me deal with your contracts, terms and conditions, negotiate about them or analyse your rights, obligations and related opportunities under an existing agreement. Let me support you in obtaining or maintaining a PI-license or guide you when you’re looking for alternatives.

Contracts, Policies & Legal advice
Dutch Independent Legal Award 2019-2020
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As an e-commerce and marketplace expert, I help customers to digitise their entire Order-to-Cash process flow through a plug and play chain. Over the last 15 years, in addition to building an extensive global network, I have gained expertise in integrating key functional areas such as on-boarding of customers, credit risk management, data security, SOX, payments, invoicing, collection, reconciliation and management reporting. 

As an experienced change manager, I am used to working in diverse and challenging environments, adjusting deftly to changing circumstances and collaborating globally with multi-functional teams, whether it is product management, sales, IT or other disciplines. 

I love deconstructing big problems and building solutions for The Job To Be Done. Building scalable business solutions and winning teams from scratch is my comfort zone. Requirements setting and RFP processes are among my key experience areas. I always strive for long-term partnerships when I’m working with teams, vendors and stakeholders.

I love meeting new people and listening to their life stories. I consider giving back to society and the planet we live on as my motto for life. In practice, I try to achieve that goal by getting the best out of myself and the people around me, and by achieving sustainable, responsible results..

Strategy & Change Manager eCommerce & Marketplaces
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As a senior project manager and consultant in the Payments industry, I have contributed to the development of new payment- and acquiring services for several organizations. During this period, I gained a deep understanding of the payments industry and built up an extensive network of relationships.

Clients trust me with translating their business needs into valuable and innovative solutions. Consequently, I will also take responsibility to implement these recommended solutions. During implementation I will emphasize on acceptation by the organization.

Personal style: thorough analyses combined with an eye for the big picture. At ease in complex environments. Self-starter with independent mind. Focusing on feasible solutions with sufficient internal support, organizationally sensitive and good stakeholder management.

Projects & Implementation
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We are accountable and reliable. We are trusted as highly professional senior consultants who take ownership to bring change, improvement and results.

Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

We are customer centric in our strategic vision and roadmap design to success.

Team Effort

Team Effort

We are team players. We connect as part of your team and steer critical changes in your organization towards success. We deliver results together with your team and empower them.



We are focused and stick to one chosen direction in order to ensure excellence for your business, based on our connected expertise, knowledge, and network.