Learn from others how to improve your customer’s onboarding experience

At Connective Payments, we recently conducted a benchmark study on the quality of the onboarding processes at 13 financial institutions active in the Netherlands: ING, Stripe, Mollie, ABN AMRO, Bunq, CCV, Finom, Knab, MultiSafepay, Rabobank, Pay.nl, SNS and Triodos. The goal of the study was to find out how well these onboarding processes are designed and executed from the perspective of small and medium-sized companies looking to become customers.

A seamless customer experience sounds simple, but it is the result of a complex interplay of choices in design and implementation. Can your onboarding process be fully compliant with regulations while at the same time increasing the likelihood of a smooth and successful onboarding? For the financial institutions that excel in this, we can rightly speak of “The art of onboarding”.

The research was carried out by the Connective Payments team led by Eppo Heemstra and Ronald te Velde. Connective Payments has a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face in customer onboarding and has supported many clients with future proof customer onboarding solutions and digitizations.

Here are three reasons why this report is of interest for you:

Gain insights into your competitors’ onboarding processes
By understanding how your competitors approach customer onboarding, you can identify areas for improvement and refine your own onboarding process.

Make data-driven decisions
The report offers an objective, data-driven analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each institution’s onboarding process. This can help you make informed decisions about which institutions to work with or what changes to make to your own onboarding process.

Save time and resources
Conducting a similar investigation yourself would be time consuming and resource-intensive. This report offers you an efficient way to gain valuable insights into your competitors’ onboarding processes.

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