M&A Due Diligence & Strategic Partnerships

stay ahead of competition

As a strategist / investor, I want to:

  • scale up my payments business portfolio
  • determine the value of the payments business at hand, and the risks involved, as accurate as possible
  • act faster than the competition

I need:

  • accurate commercial and technical information
  • swift answers to questions like:
      • how versatile is the client portfolio, how easy can they switch vendors?
      • are there any financial, scheme or regulatory exposures?
      • how attractive are the market segments they serve, in terms of stability and growth?
      • are the IT platform and processes robust and future proof?
      • do they have sufficient internal developers or are they solely depending on third parties?
      • is the product roadmap geared to market requirements?

Connective Payments will perform a Risk, Commercial and Technical Due Diligence:

  • present a stepped plan of approach
  • conduct an in-depth analysis
  • adhere to strict timelines for swift delivery 
  • ensure continuous updates and alignment
  • deliver a due diligence report in which the value of the clients portfolio, and IT & operations architecture are judged.

Additionally, project management with strategy skills is required to bring it all to live

  • coordinate financial and legal negotiations 
  • setup future organisation
  • manage processes to results
  • prepare and ensure management decisions
  • keep all stakeholders aligned



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