Less luck & more wisdom in your business

Elevate your game, rely on niche experts

Does my view of the market match my capabilities?
I have a strong market position and great capabilities. Where should my focus be? Where should I invest to benefit from market growth?

Connective Payments matches market analysis with payment industry knowledge and experience from a wide variety of payment companies.

Which product proposition do I need in the current market?
As a payments business, I am completely focused on my product proposition. To effectively compete and grow, I need to innovate and find the sweet spots in the market. I need expert advice with a complete overview to select the best opportunities or countries.

Connective Payments’ strategy consultants understand the international market developments and will help you select the best products. With the right focus, business case and roadmap, we will help you grow your business.

I am seeking opportunities for sourcing, partnering or joint ventures.
My business faces growth and I need to take make-or-buy decisions, or partner up with other businesses to leverage strengths.

Connective Payments leverages its actionable international network to facilitate the best alliances for your business.

As a business accepting or processing payments, I need to focus on my core business and do what I am best at doing, in order to maximize my customer satisfaction. I need to know how my services and systems can be optimized.

Connective Payments has extensive sourcing experience. Our team can advise, help selecting vendors, create a business case and help implement solutions to ensure that your business is efficient and your organization can focus on servicing your customers in the best and most cost-efficient way.

I am struggling to keep up with the market pace!
I need to transform my company towards a 2020-proof service offering, retain my current customers and attract new ones. My organization, staff and culture need to transform accordingly.

Let’s co-create this value for your company! Connective Payments will bring the experience and knowledge to make this happen.

How about implementing software solutions or processes for growth?
To be a market leader and grow, I need to continuously improve my service offering, seek cost reduction opportunities or streamline my business.

Connective Payments has the expertise to implement payment hubs, back-office solutions or other payment platforms. We help your team deliver results towards an improved business.

How can I enter the payments market and reap the benefits of PSD2 licenses?
As a fintech company offering innovative services, PSD2 enhances new opportunities to grow my business but I am not sure how to maximize the benefits.

Connective Payments offers innovative services on how to leverage the opportunities of payment initiation services and account information services. Entering the payments market may seem a cumbersome process with a lot of (legal) paperwork. Connective Payments is highly experienced in helping organisations obtain a PSD2 license.

How can I improve consumer experience at checkout?
As a retailer operating in multiple sales channels and countries, I find it difficult to effectively manage payment functions and providers. I would like to increase the conversion effectively, optimize payment processes and reduce the total cost of ownership. Payments should contribute to my goals and not be a barrier for success.

Connective Payments’ business consultants are well aware of both the pitfalls and options to improve. We will analyze and select the best partners for your business strategy.

See where you stand on Customer Experience: Take our free online Business Maturity Quick Scan.

Does my customer journey match 2020 requirements?

I need to improve my customer journey. All the efforts of my company are for sure concentrated around our customers’ experience, but we do not have all the skills internally.

Connective Payments team will optimize both the sales journey of your new customers and the service journey of your existing customers. Our main driver will be the Net Promotor Score given by your customers. You will continuously learn and grow from customer feedback.

How can I optimize and simplify processes for cost benefits and improved customer experience?
As a successful merchant growing my business, my payments processing, reconciliation and billing should be efficient and cost effective.

Connective Payments provides services to merchants in order to optimize and simplify processes. We can help you cut waste and redesign your processes in order to save costs and streamline your customer journey. This implies unifying transaction flows, subsequently simplifying administrative processes, increasing conversion and saving costs.

My business potential is higher than the growth I can achieve!
As a fast-growing fintech company that has doubled its team in a short period of time, I do not have the capacity to keep up with the demand.

Connective Payments is a team of experienced consultants who help you grow your business, filling temporary roles such as business development managers, payments products specialists or managing board positions.

I am struggling to keep up with growth and daily hectic activities!
My organization is growing fast and we are busy trying to keep up the pace. I need to build up structure and scalability to bring my business to the next level.

Connective Payments team has the experience and knowledge to develop organizations towards high value and large scale.