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I am experiencing serious issues with my onboarding process:
  • my clients complain onboarding is arduous and lengthy
  • as a consequence, we are confronted with failed conversion, exceptions handling and corresponding costs
  • due to legacy IT, customer data are scattered throughout several systems, leading to compliance issues
I want:
  • all of my new customers to seamlessly onboard within 15 minutes
  • close to zero unfinished onboarding entries and complaints
  • far less manual work, and thus long term cost benefits 
  • a single source of truth in my customer data, and thus less risk
  • to keep the cost of change within a tight budget
Connective Payments will implement digital onboarding to current standards by:
  • advising you on your strategy, based on our track record, our knowledge of market developments, customer journeys and IT innovation;
  • translating strategy into tangible requirements, enabling rapid development;
  • staffing your digital onboarding project according to your need (project management, product owner, interim assistance etc.);
  • tapping into a network of relevant partners to build the best solution;
  • delivering a streamlined, compliant onboarding process.
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As an investment fund manager, I want to:
  • scale up my payments business portfolio
  • determine the value of the payments business at hand, and the risks involved, as accurate as possible
  • act faster than the competition
I need:
  • accurate commercial and technical information
  • swift answers to questions like:
      • how versatile is the client portfolio, how easy can they switch vendors?
      • are there any financial, scheme or regulatory exposures?
      • how attractive are the market segments they serve, in terms of stability and growth?
      • are the IT platform and processes robust and future proof?
      • do they have sufficient internal developers or are they solely depending on third parties?
      • is the product roadmap geared to market requirements?
 Connective Payments will perform a Risk, Commercial and Technical Due Diligence:
  • present a stepped plan of approach
  • conduct an in-depth analysis
  • adhere to strict timelines for swift delivery 
  • ensure continuous updates and alignment
  • deliver a due diligence report in which the value of the clients portfolio, and IT & operations architecture are judged.

The payments landscape is complex and rapidly changing:

  • new technologies enable innovative products
  • new regulations require adaptations of our products and services portfolio
  • new markets and new entrants give access to new payment solutions
  • rapid changes in customer behavior urge for swift decision making and short time-to-market

I need:

  • a product portfolio focused on customer needs, resulting in profit optimisation
  • the right product mix and services for a high NPS
  • expert advice, coming from consultants who “breathe” payments
  • instead of merely following the market, to stay ahead of competition

Connective Payments has an extensive track record developing innovative payments products:

  • whether your business is POS oriented or online, we can translate your customers’ needs into value added products,
  • set the right priorities and advise you on your development roadmap,
  • benchmark your portfolio with competition,
  • and staff your project organisation to tackle complex challenges, while maintaining short development cycles.

How can I enter the payments market and reap the benefits of PSD2 licenses?
As a fintech company offering innovative services, PSD2 enhances new opportunities to grow my business but I am not sure how to maximize the benefits.

Connective Payments offers innovative services on how to leverage the opportunities of payment initiation services and account information services. Entering the payments market may seem a cumbersome process with a lot of (legal) paperwork. Connective Payments is highly experienced in helping organisations obtain a PSD2 license.

How can I improve consumer experience at checkout?
As a retailer operating in multiple sales channels and countries, I find it difficult to effectively manage payment functions and providers. I would like to increase the conversion effectively, optimize payment processes and reduce the total cost of ownership. Payments should contribute to my goals and not be a barrier for success.

Connective Payments’ business consultants are well aware of both the pitfalls and options to improve. We will analyze and select the best partners for your business strategy.

I am struggling to keep up with the market pace!
I need to transform my company towards a 2020-proof service offering, retain my current customers and attract new ones. My organization, staff and culture need to transform accordingly.

Let’s co-create this value for your company! Connective Payments will bring the experience and knowledge to make this happen.

How about implementing software solutions or processes for growth?
To be a market leader and grow, I need to continuously improve my service offering, seek cost reduction opportunities or streamline my business.

Connective Payments has the expertise to implement payment hubs, back-office solutions or other payment platforms. We help your team deliver results towards an improved business.

See where you stand on Customer Experience: Take our free online Business Maturity Quick Scan.

Does my customer journey match 2020 requirements?

I need to improve my customer journey. All the efforts of my company are for sure concentrated around our customers’ experience, but we do not have all the skills internally.

Connective Payments team will optimize both the sales journey of your new customers and the service journey of your existing customers. Our main driver will be the Net Promotor Score given by your customers. You will continuously learn and grow from customer feedback.

How can I optimize and simplify processes for cost benefits and improved customer experience?
As a successful merchant growing my business, my payments processing, reconciliation and billing should be efficient and cost effective.

Connective Payments provides services to merchants in order to optimize and simplify processes. We can help you cut waste and redesign your processes in order to save costs and streamline your customer journey. This implies unifying transaction flows, subsequently simplifying administrative processes, increasing conversion and saving costs.