Risk & compliance expertise

stay up-to-date with fraud & regulations

The pressure of compliance is increasing on my business:

  • New regulatory requirements, what is the effect on my business
  • Do I report the right data to the regulators
  • Where are the risks of not being compliant in my business
  • I have a backlog in KYC/CDD, how do I solve this

I want:

  • To be in control, also towards the regulators
  • My staff to be up to date with rules and regulations
  • The changed regulatory requirements implemented in my organization
  • A new and consistent compliance policy house for my business

Connective Payments will provide compliance and risk expertise to support your business:

  • In becoming and remain up to date with rules and regulations
  • In setting and implement compliance policies
  • In translating the requirements of regulators into workable procedures for your organization
  • In training your staff on compliancy and risk requirements
Meet Niek Röselaers

One of our Risk & Compliance experts is Niek Röselaers. Niek has worked with multiple Payment Service Providers. He specialised in optimising and automating digital onboarding and transaction monitoring processes.
Niek focuses on matching AML legislation and guidelines with the fast innovation that characterises the FinTech branch. To read an interview with Niek Röselaers, click here.



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