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Remove any unjustified regulatory obstacles to financial innovation in the financial services regulatory framework.

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Connective Payments has specialist knowledge in house to support your license application and subsequent hands-on implementation.

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Gathering required materials for the application in an early stage is key to support a speedy process.The content of the application should be of high quality from the start.

More about PSD2

PSD2 lays down the legal basis for payments between bank accounts in Europe. This is the European Directive regulating the payments of consumers and businesses.

Connective Payments has ample experience in applying for PSD2 licences with the DNB. Each application and each business is different and needs a tailor made approach. We know which steps to take and which documents are the most challenging. Download our “Grow in Europe with a PSD2 license” whitepaper, and the PSD2 checklist and let’s connect!

Eppo Heemstra | Managing partner

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