As part of your PSD2 or e-money license in The Netherlands, your business requires two Dutch statutory executive board members. 

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Central bank approved

An important step as part of your PSD2 or e-money license implementation, is to appoint the executive board. Two Dutch statutory directors, approved by The Dutch Central bank, are part of the license requirements.

Payments expertise

Our candidates have specific knowledge on Fintech and Payments. Managing, growing your business and regulatory compliance are key qualities of the executive board members.

Experienced compliance officers

Implementing the PSD2 or e-money license requires regulatory compliance experience. Therefore, we are able to provide the right professionals for your board member positions.

PSD2 License Implementation

Part of the implementation of your PSD2 license for AISP / PISP or e-money institution is to appoint two Dutch statutory directors. 

After the Dutch Central bank has granted the payment institution license, you will need to implement regulations and documentations into the workflow of your company. With your regular workload, this process could be a bit overwhelming. Our consultants and candidates for executive board members have broad experience with these processes. Let us know your requirements to fulfil your board member positions. 

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