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With a PSD2 license you remove all unjustified regulatory obstacles to financial innovation in the financial services regulatory framework.

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Connective Payments has specialist knowledge in house to support your PSD2 license application and subsequent hands-on implementation.

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Gathering required and high quality materials for the PSD2 application in an early stage is key to support a speedy process.

PSD2 license: Let us guide you

As a consequence of the British departure from the EU, UK based companies with a PSD2 license need to obtain a European license if they want to keep doing business in mainland Europe. Which country is the best to apply for this PSD2 license? There are many reasons why you should choose the Netherlands and reach almost 450 million EU consumers.

To name just a few: 

  • The Dutch government is a strong supporter of digital innovation in the financial sector. It is determined to accelerate the growth of the current 635 FinTech companies and provide opportunities to new companies. 
  • The Netherlands has great diplomatic relationships abroad and enables access to Fintech hubs in Singapore and Israel.
  • The Dutch government has pledged to seek proportionality in legislation and regulations for SMEs and startups and to remove hurdles that could obstruct innovative technologies and new markets.

When you are considering applying for a PSD2 license in the Netherlands to grow in Europe, Connective Payments is your preferred partner. We have ample experience in applying for PSD2 licences with the Dutch central bank (DNB). Each application and each business is different and needs a tailor made approach. We know which steps to take and which documents are the most challenging. Download our whitepaper, which includes a handy checklist, and learn how PSD2 licensing in the Netherlands works. 

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