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How can I enter the payments market and reap the benefits of PSD2 licenses? 
As a fintech company offering innovative services, PSD2 enhances new opportunities to grow my business but I am not sure how to maximize the benefits.

Connective Payments offers innovative services on how to leverage the opportunities of payment initiation services and account information services. Entering the payments market may seem a cumbersome process with a lot of (legal) paperwork. Connective Payments is highly experienced in helping organisations obtain a PSD2 license.

How do I structure a project to apply for a PSD2 licence in a fast and efficient way?

Connective Payments has ample experience in applying for PSD2 licences with the DNB.

Each application and each business is different and needs a tailor made approach.

We know which steps to take and which documents are the most challenging.

Curious on what is required for a PSD2 license, please download the checklist and get in contact.




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