Payments Product innovation

beat your competition with design thinking

The payments landscape is complex and rapidly changing:

  • new technologies enable innovative products
  • new regulations require adaptations of our products and services portfolio
  • new markets and new entrants give access to new payment solutions
  • rapid changes in customer behavior urge for swift decision making and short time-to-market

I need:

  • a product portfolio focused on customer needs, resulting in profit optimisation
  • the right product mix and services for a high NPS
  • expert advice, coming from consultants who “breathe” payments
  • stay ahead of competition, instead of merely following the market

Connective Payments has an extensive track record developing innovative payments products:

  • whether your business is POS oriented or online, we can translate your customers’ needs into value added products,
  • set the right priorities and advise you on your development roadmap,
  • benchmark your portfolio with competition,
  • and staff your project organisation to tackle complex challenges, while maintaining short development cycles.



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