The Open Banking Expo Awards 2021

Eppo Heemstra, Connective Payments
September 2021

Open Banking Expo Awards 2021

On July 15, a special competition came to a conclusion. The Open Banking Expo Awards, that was the name of the battlefield where dozens of companies presented their innovative services. There was one common denominator: all entries use Open Banking / PSD2 technology. In other words: new services that are based on banking account data, such as debits and credits. In a highly entertaining finale hosted by Rob Broderick, “Ireland’s finest hip hop musical comedian”, the winners were announced in no fewer than 16 categories. The Open Banking Expo Awards, an initiative of CRIF and Equifax, sponsored by a large group of event and media partners, is the most prestigious event worldwide in the field of Open Banking and PSD2.

Actual & factual

The international jury was not satisfied with roaring, non-committal stories full of promises. Without exception, the winners had proven to be actually successful. The participating companies were assessed for innovative application of technology and high user satisfaction. David Beardmore, EcoSystem Development Director at the OBIE (Open Banking Implementation Entity) emphasized during the event that the jury was all about actual, factual impact.

Anglo-Saxon countries lead the way

Buddy Payment, the Dutch Fintech in the field of debt counseling, to which we previously devoted a case study in our Insights section, was among the finalists in the Open Banking for Good category. Ultimately, among the winners were many Anglo-Saxon contenders. Once again this seemed proof that the Anglo-Saxon countries, and the UK in particular, are leading the way in opening up the payments market – and delivering innovative, valuable services based on it.

Winners per category

Expanding in Europe with a PSD2 license

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