Onboarding is the start of your business relationship - don't let it be a false start

In this report you will find the results of our recent Onboarding study. We evaluated several financial institutions in The Netherlands on their onboarding processes for business clients. There appear to be quite a few differences between them when we look at user experience, customer due diligence, speed and product offering. What can these differences tell us and why is a well designed and executed onboarding process critical for your business?

This study, in cooperation with Tietoevry, can provide immense value to businesses of all sizes that are looking to optimise their onboarding process.

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You can sign up for this report here, for the early bird price of €2,500. Once the report is published, scheduled for May 2023, the report will cost €2,900. So as a pre-registrant you will enjoy an advantage of €400!

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