Introducing Diana Raicu

Diana Raicu

The latest addition to the Connective Payments team is Diana Raicu. Educated in International and European Law, she recently joined the team as a Junior Compliance Consultant. Time to get to know Diana, as a legal professional and a cheerful, inquisitive person with whom it is a pleasure to work with.

Can you describe yourself in a few sentences?

“What describes me is that my purpose in life is to become a better person every day, in everything I do. I am determined, open-minded, curious and eager to develop and to help people around me and the environments in which I find myself. My drive and nature make me a versatile person who seeks solutions and ways to do things in the most efficient way. In my professional relationships I am reliable, enthusiastic and work on building and maintaining trust. I am able to understand and grasp complex subjects and to creatively contribute and develop results.”

You recently completed your master’s degree at the VU University Amsterdam, with a thesis on “Protection of the environment through process and production methods under WTO law”. What attracted you to Law?

“By studying International and European Law, specializing in Business Law, I have gained a good understanding of the Regulators’ intentions when issuing laws and regulations. This understanding helped me collaborate together with colleagues, in my work experience, on the interpretation and application of GDPR articles on extrateritoriality at the time when it came into force. It also gave me the right skills to come up with solutions in a creative way.”

Can you lift a corner of the veil on your personal interests, other than Law?

“Oh, there’s many! I find it interesting to research diverse subjects in my free time. I like to watch documentaries and read about other cultures, about technology, privacy and blockchain. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them, their story and what drives them in life. In addition, I enjoy cooking, discovering new restaurants, drawing, doing sports, reading and listening to music in my free time.”

What is the main reason why you joined Connective Payments?

“As said, I am very eager to learn and develop myself continuously. The fact that I get to work and learn from some of the best and most experienced people in the Payments industry, who are trusted by numerous important parties, is of enormous value to me.”

June 2022

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