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Spotting opportunities without taking on the challenge is a loss. Find the right fit of professionals.

  • Bring professional/senior expertise into your business
  • The right fit for your challenge
  • Available on short notice


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Interim payments professionals will guide you

How about implementing software solutions or processes for growth?
To be a market leader and grow, I need to continuously improve my service offering, seek cost reduction opportunities or streamline my business.

Connective Payments has the expertise to implement payment hubs, back-office solutions or other payment platforms. We help your team deliver results towards an improved business.

Does my customer journey match 2021 requirements?
I need to improve my customer journey. All the efforts of my company are for sure concentrated around our customers’ experience, but we do not have all the skills internally.

Connective Payments team will optimize both the sales journey of your new customers and the service journey of your existing customers. Our main driver will be the Net Promotor Score given by your customers. You will continuously learn and grow from customer feedback.

Or.. do you just have projects/job openings where you don’t find the right expertise in house

  • New product implementation needs expertise only for a few months
  • Before I find a new staff member for this job I want the expertise field covered in the meantime
  • I want to speed up the introduction of a product
  • I want to launch in new countries and need expertise and support

Connective Payments has professionals in all payment fields, that

Are available on short notice, we have them or we’ll find them

  • Work on a clear objective
  • Will work as one of your staff
  • Have experience and can deliver results
  • Will handover their work after the job is done

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Ronald te Velde | Managing partner

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