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Open Banking Expo Awards

During the Open Banking Expo Awards 2021, 16 winners were announced, demonstrating that Open Banking and PSD2 are rapidly gaining momentum. Judging by the number of Anglo-Saxon contenders and winners, Anglo-Saxon countries and the UK in particular are leading the way in opening up the payments market with innovative services based on account data.

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Where are the Dutch statistics on PSD2?

Eppo Heemstra of Connective Payments examines the extent to which Dutch banks comply with the EBA guideline on PSD2 performance statistics. There is still considerable room for improvement. The factsheet published by the British OBIE can be a benchmark; the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) or the Dutch Payments Association could play a coordinating role.

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Online marketplaces pay out with Payaut

An interview with board members Ernst van Niekerk and Pieter de Haas of Payaut, a Dutch Fintech company that specialises in flexible payout to sellers on internet platforms and online marketplaces. The Payaut product offering means more choice of PSPs for mid-size and large (international) platforms.

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PSD2 – where are the innovations?

Where are the innovations of PSD2? With the exception of British banks, European banks have so far not lived up to expectations raised in 2018. This article examines the reasons and explains which opportunities still lie.

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PSD2: Three years after the introduction, financial innovations are still scarce

Three years after the introduction of PSD2, which required banks to share customer payment data with Third Party Providers, the high expectations have not yet been met. All banks have realised the necessary technical infrastructure, and new players and new applications have emerged, mainly aimed at information and aggregation. The number of innovations where payments can be initiated on behalf of the customer is still very limited. The main cause of the lagging innovation is the lack of coordination and standardisation. In addition, research shows that European consumers are still reluctant to share their payment details with third parties. The United Kingdom is an exception, where the nine major banks have worked together from the outset to make PSD2, AKA Open Banking, a success, which has resulted in a number of innovative applications. There are also opportunities for European banks to create more value with the help of the new possibilities. For this, PSD2 must definitely come out of the sphere of compliance and be seen as a commercial opportunity to conquer market share, certainly in combination with Instant Payments.

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