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Advice on strategic investments, partnerships, (new) payment products, or strategy as part of your due diligence, we will guide you!

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Target your strategic needs

Strategic investments and partnerships are key to your growth strategy. With the right knowledge, you will make the right decision to grow fast.

Senior advice

Payment knowledge is necessary to be able to assess markets, products and infrastructure. Our consultants have an extensive track record of assessing payment solutions and strategies in a due diligence.

Fast response

Our consultants understand the importance of strategic choices. That is why our consultants are always ready to give advice.

Get expert opinion

Strategic investments can be complex. Therefore, it is important to get a fast assessment on feasibility of products, architecture and strategy. 

What we will do for you:

  • Share trends and developments in payments
  • Update you on the latest innovations and technology
  • Interview key stakeholders

We will relate these topics to your specific case. We will combine the outcome of these analyses and provide you with our expert opinion. This opinion can be used as a solid basis for your decisions.

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Ronald te Velde | Managing partner

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