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Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI for Beginners: The Complete Guide 

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of AI and Generative AI with this action-packed guide. It’s more than just a book; it’s your roadmap to the future. 
Discover, learn, act – the future of AI awaits you! 
Serves as an excellent call to action, encouraging readers to not only passively consume information, but to actively engage and participate in the transformative journey of AI.

The Currency Cold War: Cash and Cryptography, Hash Rates and Hegemony

The current state of money is a temporary arrangement shaped by political, technological, and economic factors. As these factors evolve, so must our concept of money. Many anticipate a significant shift in the near future towards digital currency. 
In 2019, historian Niall Ferguson suggested that nations, particularly the U.S., should actively compete for dominance in digital payments. 
This competition could lead to a cyber cold war, with private currencies issued by BigTech firms like Facebook, Amazon and X, and public currencies issued by central banks worldwide, competing for a share of the consumer’s wallet.
The question remains: Will the digital dollar emerge victorious in this new era?

Be more productive with ChatGPT: Practical guide for everyday use

Discover the rise of ChatGPT and AI. Written especially for non-techies, this book will guide you through the world of possibilities. Kees Kraaiveld, not a tech expert, provides you with practical tips and examples that you can apply immediately.
Learn where this development comes from, what you need to know, and how to deal with limitations and threats.
It’s not all positive, but Kees Kraaiveld also shares how you can prevent problems. Do you want to be more productive right away with less effort? Start now!


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