Instant digital onboarding

Optimize your customer journey

I am experiencing serious issues with my onboarding process:

  • my clients complain onboarding is arduous and lengthy
  • as a consequence, we are confronted with failed conversion, exceptions handling and corresponding costs
  • due to legacy IT, customer data are scattered throughout several systems, leading to compliance issues

I want:

  • all of my new customers to seamlessly onboard within 15 minutes
  • close to zero unfinished onboarding entries and complaints
  • far less manual work, and thus long term cost benefits 
  • a single source of truth in my customer data, and thus less risk
  • to keep the cost of change within a tight budget

Connective Payments will implement digital onboarding to current standards by:

  • advising you on your strategy, based on our track record, our knowledge of market developments, customer journeys and IT innovation;
  • translating strategy into tangible requirements, enabling rapid development;
  • staffing your digital onboarding project according to your need (project management, product owner, interim assistance etc.);
  • tapping into a network of relevant partners to build the best solution;
  • delivering a streamlined, compliant onboarding process.

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