A chat with Anne, CP's growth hacking expert

Connective Payments team, May 2021

Anne de Vries
Anne de Vries

Anne de Vries joined the Connective Payments team in November 2020. Time for a chat about growth hacking, data analytics and digital marketing, but first:

In four sentences, who is Anne de Vries?

My friends and family would describe me as a social person with a strong opinion and an ambitious attitude. I get energy from new impressions and learning from others. I also have a passion for the online world and the associated trends. My choice in work is therefore no surprise!

What education have you received?

The training I followed is Cross-media Communication at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Here I learned a lot about the online world and how to reach the right target group through text. I completed my graduation internship at IN10 digital agency in Rotterdam.

How did you come across Connective Payments?

After completing my education, I missed the connection with (digital) marketing. For this you really need additional skills. That’s how I ended up with the traineeship of The Talent Institute. They offer a professional trajectory in which you are trained to become a Growth Hacker. During this training period I learned how to optimize the online visibility of a company and the so-called Growth Mindset. And through this process, I was matched with Connective Payments to apply my knowledge. Now, 7 months later, I still enjoy working at Connective Payments very much.

Can you tell me more about growth hacking, and what it means in the Connective Payments context?

The term Growth Hacking includes creative marketing, data analytics and testing, and software engineering and automation.

For Connective Payments, this is reflected in the execution of online advertising campaigns on, for example, LinkedIn. Propositions are tested by means of A / B testing. Data is central to this.

My colleagues also write a lot of informative blogs. I make sure that those articles can be found better via search engines, or SEO, in professional terms.

You started at Connective Payments in the middle of the corona period. That means working from home and zooming a lot. How did you get through that?

That certainly took some getting used to! You get to know the company and your colleagues from a distance. However, you can see how much is possible through the use of online resources. Where you normally travel for an hour, it is now only a matter of opening your laptop. I also think that through all these developments, we see that a combination of working from home and at the office can be an efficient combination to divide your time.

Are you interested in the Payments world, or do you feel more like a marketing specialist?

Although my expertise lies on the marketing side, the payments industry certainly attracts me. In a sense, I also see comparisons. Optimizations and developments are following at a rapid pace in both sectors, especially with the focus on convenience and digitization.

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